Sunday, April 14, 2013

Tell Us We're Home Review

Title: Tell Us We're Home
Author: Marina Budhos

Tell Us We're Home is a story about three daughters of immigrant parents.

I picked this book up because I got it for a really good price, the cover is so pretty and the story sounded interesting.

To me, a lot of scenes in this young adult book gave me Lifetime Movie vibes. Now, I love Lifetime network movies but I did not enjoy reading this book. The relationship between the girls and the other characters at times felt a little fake or over the top.

A big part of the book is about class and race/immigration and understandably so. There were some interesting parts of the book that touched on these topics in a way that teenagers could relate to by presenting typical teen problems (dating, friendship, etc.) but also putting them in the context of also being a child of an immigrant. The parts about assimilation versus being afraid of losing your heritage in the process were also interesting to read.

Overall, I think this book does a good job in some areas but it just did not capture or hold my attention.

Rating: 2 out of 5 Chocolate Bars

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