Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Private School Blogger: I need my iPhone Review

Title: Private School Blogger: I need my iPhone
Author: Sam Lyons

Matthew Chumsley is a typical kid. He enjoys playing video games like minecraft and hanging out on the computer. When Matthew starts going to a new private school everything about his new school life is scary and intimidating for him. He would much rather go back to his video games than try to fit in at the new school. But when the tech loving Matthew decides to start a blog about his life and school and a gamer club, he finds that making new friends and school is not so difficult or scary after all.

This is a very good book for any video game loving kid. Private School Blogger: I need my iPhone is a great book for a kid who prefers spending time on the computer compared to reading because it makes a fun connection between writing/reading and gaming/the computer for kids. Matthew, the main character, decides to start a blog about his experiences at his new private school and soon finds that his classmates enjoy reading and commenting on his blog. Through his blog he is able to make friends at his new school. This is a great way to help kids learn how to make friends and have fun at a new school through blogging and video games.

Also, I love the idea of having a class minecraft game-time every week. Some schools really have this too and I've only heard positive things minecraft classes. If anyone is interested in this, there is a pretty interesting blog by a teacher who uses minecraft in his classroom.

The drawings throughout the book are nice too and dfiently give off a Diary of a Wimpy Kid vibe. If you or your kid are a fan of Diary of a Wimpy Kid then you will love Private School Blogger. Instead of a diary though, Private School Blogger is written in the style of a blog by Matthew and you get to read 'blog comments' from other kids. I thought that interaction between the characters was a very nice touch.

Another thing I liked about this book is that sometimes riddles were included in some of the blog posts. I think that is great for kids because it will get them to think by trying to figure out the riddle and also because riddles are just fun. ;)

The description of the Gamestop employee was spot on. Ha!

Lyson is able to write a relatable book for kids, Any kid reading Private School Blogger will be able to instantly relate to everything from Matthew's love of video games to bad school cafeteria food. Even I as an adult loved reading Private School Blogger. There are a lot of funny moments in the book too. This is a great book that the more dorky and tech loving kids will really enjoy reading.

Rating: 5 out of 5 Glasses of Strawberry Milk

Reading Update

I have finally got around to starting Iron Daughter, the second book in the Iron Fey series. I'm a bit behind on this series. :p I have to say though, I don't know why I put this book off for so long. Once I started reading I did not want to put it down. The book itself is pretty easy to read because it is not boring and the writing flows nicely.

I also started reading the second book in the Chemical Garden series. This one has not been as easy to get back into though. I just don't really care about this circus thing that is happening now.

Also, I was given a review copy of the book Private School Blogger: I need my iPhone so I will be typing up a review for that this afternoon.This book is said to have a Diary of a Wimpy Kid series style to it so fans of that series, check this book out.