Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Reading Update

I have finally got around to starting Iron Daughter, the second book in the Iron Fey series. I'm a bit behind on this series. :p I have to say though, I don't know why I put this book off for so long. Once I started reading I did not want to put it down. The book itself is pretty easy to read because it is not boring and the writing flows nicely.

I also started reading the second book in the Chemical Garden series. This one has not been as easy to get back into though. I just don't really care about this circus thing that is happening now.

Also, I was given a review copy of the book Private School Blogger: I need my iPhone so I will be typing up a review for that this afternoon.This book is said to have a Diary of a Wimpy Kid series style to it so fans of that series, check this book out.

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