Thursday, January 30, 2014

Learn To Tie A Tie With The Rabbit And The Fox Review

Title: Learn To Tie A Tie With The Rabbit And The Fox
Author: Sybrina Durant (@Sybrina_spt)

What an adorable idea for a book! This book is to teach children how to tie a tie and uses a story of a rabbit and a fox to teach that. The story makes learning and remember how to tie a tie easy for a child. It is also a very cute and fun story.

The story is basically about a rabbit being chased by a fox. As you read the story and see how the rabbit runs away or evades the fox, you also learn how to tie a tie. Each page has the story part and the tie instruction part. The book is very cohesive though because the story is reflected and shown in the tie instruction part. This book does a great job connecting the story to the instructions.

I really love how the tie instructions are tied in (get it?! ha!) with the story. It is a very creative way of weaving the two functions of the book together. Whatever the rabbit does in the story relates to a step in the tie instructions. It is a very clever and great way to teach a child how to tie a tie! The story also helps a child remember the steps to tying their tie.

But it is not just the pictures and the instructions that make this book great and easy for a child to learn from. There is also a fun song that goes with the book! You can listen to the song for free here. Be careful though. The song might end up stuck in your head!

One of my favorite things about children's books is the art which is why I also write at least a little bit about it in my reviews. The art in Learn To Tie A Tie With The Rabbit And The Fox is so cute. But it is more than just cute. The illustrations also act as a visual guide for each step in tying the tie. This is very helpful to the more visual reader and learner.

If you need to teach your son (or daughter) how to tie a tie, this is a great book for just that! The story is fun and helps a child learn to and remember how to tie a tie. It can even help an adult. I mean, it did teach me how to tie a tie too!

Rating: 5 out of 5

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