Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Selection to be Made into a Movie

Another YA book series is getting a movie adaptation. This time it is "The Selection" by Kiera Cass!

I'm pretty excited for this movie adaptation because it gives me a reason to start reading this series now. I've had The Selection on my wishlist for a while but have not yet gotten around to reading the series.

The Selection follows America Singer who is selected along with thirty-four other girls to have the chance to marry Prince Maxon. The plot sounds sort of like The Bachelor done in a YA style. America does not even want to be a part of the competition to marry the prince though. She's in love with Aspen but he's of a lower status than her so she must take part in the Selection.

This is a five part book series and the final part comes out May 3, 2016. It will probably get at least six movies if the first does well. After all, they have to stretch the final book into two movies as that seems to be the trend now.

Cass said in an interview with Yahoo that she is happy with the script. "I have read the first draft of the script and I'm very happy with the direction they're heading in." She went on to say "We had a long conversation about the story and points that we thought fans would consider must-haves."

So if Cass is happy with the direction that the film is going in, fans who liked the book will probably be happy with it too. Authors don't usually actually have any real or deeper involvement with writing the script or any other part of making the film.

Judging by the reviews on goodreads it seems like people either love or hate the book but nothing in between. So, have you read The Selection? Did you love it or hate it?

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