Sunday, November 11, 2012

Book Haul 4

Yay~ Books! :D

One of the things I love about my university is that they have an annual book sale. There are some nice treasures for only a dollar or two! This is the last year I'll be able to take advantage of it though. I also went to Barnes and Noble this week because I had a little extra cash.

See that tiny, flat book on top of the pile? It's an old cookbook/recipe book that I got at my uni's book sale. It has a bunch of old/traditional recipes from the Virgin Islands. I thought it was cute but the font on the cover is hard to read. :p Underneath it though is The Kit Runner! I have been meaning to get my hands on this book for a while now especially after reading A Thousand Splendid Suns by the same author.

The next two books are the ones I got from Barnes and Noble. They are Outliers and Tiger's Curse. A few weeks ago a guest speaker came to my uni and talked with us art students. He did mostly animation work and was involved in a start-up. He mentioned Outliers and I saw it on sale so I grabbed it. It is pretty interesting so far. Tiger's Curse has such a beautiful cover! I can stare at it for hours honestly lol. Actually, I was looking for a different book but couldn't find it and forgot the name of the author and title so I grabbed Tiger's Curse instead. A friend from goodreads is reading this whole series and I keep seeing her updates so I have hopes for this book.

The last three books are ones that I also got at my uni's book sale. They are The Red Tent which I have been kind of wanting to read for a while too but it wasn't a priority book, It Ate Billing on Christmas (lol) and some art book in German from 1988. o.O

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