Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Iron King Review

Title: The Iron King (The Iron Fey #1)
Author: Julie Kagawa

The Iron King is about a young girl named Megan who finds out that she is half fey (fairy). When her baby brother is kidnapped and taken to the Fey's World, she has to go in after him and rescue her brother before it is too late.

Firstly, I am in love with this cover! Look at it! It is even more beautiful in person. I also like the little designs that got carried over from the book cover above each chapter heading. As an artist and designer, I just love these little artistic pieces in books. I need to get the whole series now just for this, haha. Bu really, I enjoyed this book a lot and I will be picking up the next one soon.

The Iron King was such a great read. I loved how Kagawa sets up the fey world. I want to go there! I also think she does a good job with the characters. I've even found myself laughing at some parts in The Iron King. My favorite character so far is Grimalkin the cat. He is awesome. Here is my favorite line from him:

"'I am a cat,' Grimalkin replied, as if that explained anything."

It explains everything. ;)

Robin "Puck" Goodfellow
The only thing that I did not care about in this book was the set up for the romantic love triangle between Megan, Ash and Puck. I did not like Ash when he first appeared in the book. Even later on I still didn't really care about him. Hopefully he gets better because right now I am just not invested in him. Also, I just don't feel like Puck is that great of a match for Megan either. It is really just the fact that he is A Midsummer Night's Dream Puck which to me is just..... yeah, I love Puck and A Midsummer Night's Dream but no thanks. That makes him really old too in relation to Megan. 

I love the story, I just don't care for the romance that's starting to happen right now. I just want to see Megan take on The Iron King and kick his butt!

Rating: 5/5 Chocolate Bars

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