Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Little Kitten's First Full Moon Review

Kitten's First Full Moon is about a little kitten who sees a full moon for the first time. She mistakes the moon for a big bowl of milk and tries to chase after it.

The whole book is done in grays, black and white. The softness of the grays add to the atmosphere of the night time and the illustrations work with the book overall.

The story is very cute and makes for a great children's book especially for any kitten lovers out there. Throughout the story the little kitten is chasing the moon but never seems to get close to it. Along the way though she ends up falling and eventually finds herself falling into a pond and getting soaking wet. After a long night of chasing the full moon she returns home to find her mother waiting for her with a bowl of milk to comfort her. This book teaches children that if they get hurt, they can always return home to feel safe and warm.

Kitten's First Full Moon is a very cute story for children aged four or older.

Rating: 5/5 Moons

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