Friday, September 14, 2012

Tolkien Week

Thanks to She is too Fond of Books, I just learned that September 16 to September 22 is Tolkien week! And the 22nd of September is national Hobbits Day. I wanted to re-read The Hobbit before December when the new movie comes out and Tolkien Week seems like the perfect tiem to do it! I am going to try ot read the whole Lord of The Rings trilogy and then end it with The Hobbit on September 22. Even if I don't finish the LOTR books by the 22nd I am just going to start on The Hobbit. Oh! I should watch the movies too after I finish each book. Hello Orlando Bloom~

I read The Hobbit back in sixth grade but I don't remember a lot of what happened in the book. I do remember enjoying it for the most part though.

If anyone else is doing something like this for Tolkien Week please leave a comment with your blog! I would like to read it.

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