Saturday, October 13, 2012

Book Haul 3

This is a combination of books that I've gotten over amazon and Job Lot recently. I had won a gift card for $100 at amazon and of course I used it to buy a few books for myself. ;) I mostly just got some more expensive language text books but I did get a couple of books for pleasure reading. Job Lot is a lot like Building 19 in that they have very cheaply priced books.

Amazon Books

All About Particles (Japanese grammar reference book)
Escape from Camp 14
A Woman's Asia
Intergrated Korean beginner I
Japanese for Busy people III
Business and Legal Forms for Illustrators

Job Lot Books

Grandma Calls Me Beautiful
Toss of a Lemon
Dreaming in Hindi (I've been wanting this one for so long. I was kind of surprised to find it to be honest.)
Some Dreams for Fools
Gamer Girl

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