Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Matched & Crossed Read-A-Thon

This read-a-thon is hosted by The Non Reluctant Reader and Squeaky Books. It goes from October 2 to November 13. It is not too late to sign up though. I just did, hehe. Here's how it works:

10/2 Starting line! Begin reading Matched
10/9 Read to Chapter 12
10/16 Read to Chapter 22
10/22 Finish Matched, Start Crossed!
10/29 Read to Chapter 14
11/5 Read to Chapter 35
11/12 Finish Crossed, buy Reached!

I've been wanting to read Matched for a while now but it wasn't a top priority book. However, since there is a read-a-thon with people having weekly discussions, I think I'll try to join in. I am going to be reading at least the first book in Spanish because I already have an ebook version of Matched (Juntos) in Spanish. I also need to get back into my Spanish reading game!

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