Friday, August 17, 2012

Back To School Read-A-Thon TBR

I cannot believe that school is almost here. Of course, I still have a huge stack of unread books in my Summer Reads pile so that is why I am participating in this read-a-thons this month.

Currently, I am participating in the Back To School Read-A-Thon. You can check out Katie's Book Blog for more information.

Since the name of this read-a-thon is Back to School, I am going to choose only books for elementary school aged kids or young adult books for this challenge.

Here is my TBR pile:
Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins
Flirting in Italian by Lauren Henderson
Colibri by Ann Cameron
A Place Where Sunflowers Grow by Amy Lee-Tai

So, my TBR pile only has four books but that's because I only have four days counting today. The read-a-thon ends August the 20th!


  1. I've heard good things about Sweet Evil and Flirting in Italian looks like a fun light hearted read. Happy reading. :)

    1. I've heard good things about Sweet Evil too. I'm only about 40 pages in right now but so far it seems really interesting and well written. Hopefully Flirting in Italian is fun too. I got it on a whim. :p Thanks, you too. :)