Friday, August 17, 2012

The Glass Case: A Short Story Review

Title: The Glass Case: A Short Story
Author: Kristin Hannah

This short story is about April, a woman who got pregnant as a teen, married her High School sweetheart at 17 and now lives in the small town she grew up in with two more children. Her mom had always wanted better for her which April always took to mean that her mom wanted her to get out of this town and have a better life. Throughout the short story April reflects on her, now deceased, mother's words and wonders if her mother would be disappointed in her and if she could have had a better life if things were different.

The conflict in this short story comes when April realizes that one of her sons did not get off the school bus. She starts to worry and is afraid that something horrible has happened to him.

I have never read anything by Kristin Hannah before. I normally wouldn't pick this kind of a book up, but it was a free short story for the nook so I decided to give it a try. The author has a very nice style of writing that keeps the story flowing together. There are no awkward moments when the sense shifts back and forth between April's thoughts about her mother and her worries over her son.

The reason that I don't normally pick up these types of stories is because I can't completely relate to the main character. I, and probably many people in this world, can relate to feeling like you've disappointed your parents. Those who have children as a teen will probably be able to relate more to April and her feelings not just of disappointing her mother but also when it comes to settling down in a small town at a young age and wondering if this was the right choice.

I liked this book all the way up until the end. I know that the ending was met to be very touching and sentimental, but I just don't like how things were tied together at the end.

The Glass Case is a good short story for anyone who can relate to April's life as a young mother. 

Rating: 4/5 Caffè Lattes

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