Saturday, August 18, 2012

Shatter Me Review

Title: Shatter Me
Author: Tahereh Mafi

Shatter Me is Tahereh Mafi's debut novel.

Juliette is a young girl with an extraordinary ability (or is it a curse?) making it impossible for anyone to touch her. Anyone except Adam that is. Feared by everyone for something she has no control over, Juliette is locked away from society. She spent years of her life living alone in darkness until Adam once again enters her life.

Now, in a destroyed world, The Reestablishment plans to use her as a weapon to strike fear into those who are still resisting.

I was not expecting to like this book at all. In fact, I really did not like the beginning, but I was enjoying the story and characters by the end.

I still do not understand why the author used the strike-through text option so many times. I can see what Mafi was going for when she used the option when she had Juliette wrtie in her diary, but she also used the strike-through option in other places in the book. I guess it might have been to show Juliette's conflicting feelings about things but instead it just felt annoying and unnecessary. The other problem I had with the writing was how Mafi would repeat random words, again to show Juliette's thought process but it also got annoying fast.

Despite what I just wrote about the writing, I did enjoy the book. Shatter Me starts to get interesting about half way through the book when the action starts to pick up. Juliette is not just sitting around feeling alone and writing about her thoughts. Now, she has to deal with Adam's sexy self, Warner trying to convince her to join him (and being a complete creep while doing so), and running away from the evil Warner and The Reestablishment.

I have conflicted feelings about the relationship between Adam and Juliette. Their relationship moved a little fast for me. It felt like at one moment Juliette was questioning what Adam's motives were and the next they were making out and everything was fine.

I adored Adam's little brother and I really liked Kenji though from what I read of them in the book. I hope Kenji has an important role in the next book and is not just here to be the second love interest for Juliette. Every book does not need a love triangle.

By the end of the book I started to wonder if this story was at one point in time X-Men fanfiction because of all the young people with special powers. Luckily I love the X-Men.

I feel like this book was largely a set up for the second book in the series. A lot of events that could have happened did not happen, and Shatter Me ends right when things were starting to get interesting. I am curious to find out what happens next so I will be picking up the second book probably in e-book format.

Rating: 3/5 Chocolate Bars

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